21 Special Rules of Yoga and Pranayam

Friends today, Yoga is making its mark not only in India but throughout the whole world. The importance of the ancient heritage of India is believed by the whole world. And he has adopted Yoga to keep himself healthy.

So today we are telling you some special rules of yoga and pranayam, which adoption will be beneficial for you.

Rules of yoga and pranayam

1 - Friends, when you are in the early stages of yoga, keep in mind that Yoga is done under the supervision of a specialist. And unless you are fully trained, do not do yoga alone.

2 - If you have any questions related to Yoga, then definitely ask the specialist.

3 - The best time to do yoga is morning - morning. From the half an hour before the sunrise, from 1 hour to the sunrise, the time is of special benefit.

4- Whenever you go to yoga, your stomach should be completely clean.

5 - Yoga should not be done 20 minutes before bathing or 20 minutes after bathing.

6 - It is important to practice it regularly to read the benefits of Yoga. Yoga does not get special benefit from yoga only for a day or two.

7- To make yoga, always choose a place that is clean, airy, clean and flat land.

8- It is better to do yoga on empty grounds, that must be laid on the floor, yoga mats or vada etc.

9- Pranayama and yoga should be empty empty.

10- Keep in mind that only 2 hours after eating food, pranayama and yoga should be done. Only Vajrasana Yoga can be done immediately after eating.

11- Should eat or drink anything after half an hour of yoga.

12- During yoga, no other type of velocity like body sinking, urination etc. should not be stopped.

13- Whenever you go to yoga and pranayama, keep in mind that before doing pranayama and yoga posture should be done only after that.

14- Keep the difference between two different pranayam or yoga sessions between 1 to 2 minutes.

15- After the completion of the yoga, do the breathing for 5 minutes.

16- If you have any kind of problem or you are sick, then you should seek the doctor's advice to do yoga.

17- Women should not do yoga and pranayam during periods.

18- If a woman is in pregnancy, then she should do yoga expert and doctor's advice.

19- Yoga is very necessary to be calm and concentrated in mind and mind.

20- If you are suffering from headache, dizziness, or other difficulties, if you have any type of yoga, it is advisable to consult a yoga expert or your doctor.

21- In the early stages should not be more than expected. Gradually, it is appropriate to increase the time period of yoga. Otherwise, doing more than expected can be harmful.

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