Oral Care Tips from a Pediatric Dentist for Special Children

There are many parents in the world whose children are different from others. They are children who have special needs and are to be handled with care and love. At many times it becomes challenging for the parents as well as the caregivers to control their behavior.

This problem develops especially when the children are been provided oral care. Sometimes these children are handled easily but their behavior is unpredictable so Pediatric Dentist advice you on how to tackle the child with attention and concern.

Classification of Special Children:

It is important to understand about the specialty of your child; in which type does he/ she fall. Psychologist and psychiatrists around the world have categorized special children under different classifications. They are of the view that special children can be divided into four classifications.

Behavioral and Emotional Breakdown:

There are children who are physically perfect but have problems in their behavior. These disorders occur when the bran of the child is underdeveloped. The signs are visible when the child enters in early childhood which has various reasons. The most prominent of all behavioral disorders in children are; ADHD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Autism, Bi-polar, oppositional defiance disorder ODD and Anxiety.

Sensory Impaired:

All of the disorders and problems in a child are because of brain damage that might happen when he/ she were just babies or the mother was reckless during pregnancy. This can be a reason for the children to lose one or two of their senses or at least have a partial defect. The children who have complications in their eyesight and ears have difficulty in understanding everything.

Physical Defects:

If the child is suffering from a temporary physical defect then the parents will not undergo tension for long. But for those parents whose children have permanent damage like; brain injury, trauma to the spinal cord, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy and chronic asthma; have to go through a lot of mental stress.

Developmental Issues:

All children have a different developmental rate of growth. But there are some kids who have a below-average development and are considered to have special needs. In five areas the child may lack in development such as Cognitive or thinking, emotional and social, language and speech, motor skills and in daily activities. Many developmental disorders like Down syndrome, autism, dyslexia and processing disorders are the result of this issue.

When the children have these major issues; the parents are mostly concerned with the oral health of their kid. The children are not aware of the dangers they face so the parents need experts to help them handle their children. The professionals at clinics like Pediatric Dentist Tulsa assist and provide helpful tips o how to take care of the needs of these kinds of special children.

Oral Care Tips from a Pediatric Dentist:

When you know that your child needs special attention and care then you go to a pediatric dentist to seek help. The dentists at the clinics are skilled to handle kids of all ages whether they are in good health or are suffering from a defect.

Regular Visit to Dentist:

In order to make the child familiar with the environment of the clinic; the parents must make sure that the child visits the dentist on a regular basis. This will help the child in understanding all of the areas of the clinic and make him/ her comfortable.

Make Dental Care Fun:

Many parents make it so hard and stressful for the child when they are taking care of their teeth that it worsens the situation. Make it a habit to single poems and nursery rhymes during the routine and also explain each step in detail.

Create a Daily Routine:

It is best that you start by creating a routine for the child and make it a habit to always help the child in developing that order. In this way, the child will forever remember the procedure of oral care. If it is possible the parents should perform the same routine with the child for more support.

Start at an Early Age:

As it is with the normal kids that the parents start oral care when the first tooth appears; the same is done for other children as well. As with normal children, they can perform tasks by themselves when they get older but there are some special children who are so mentally deprived that their the routine has to be done by their parents.

Give a Healthy Diet:

Maintaining a good healthy diet is the key to oral health. The children on many occasions don’t understand and get stubborn. They demand candies and sweets like all other children who are harmful to them. Explain them with love and affection that it is not right and introduce a healthy diet in their lives.

Give Time to the Child:

The most important point the parents must remember that a Pediatric Dentist tells them is that the child needs time and care. Those who think that they can fulfill the materialistic needs of their child and gives no attention and time; have very small thinking. The best you can do for your child is to give him a lot of time.

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