4 Ways Custom Soap Boxes can turn Prospects into Loyal Customers

Getting prospective customers to believe in your brand is a tough task. Now, imagine how tricky it would be to turn a potential client into a loyal customer. That’s why no business takes the prospect-to-loyal-client approach for granted because at any point a prospect can switch to a competitor without even specifying a reason.    

But if you are adamant and eager to build a loyal base of customers, your first step would be to turn prospects into customers. This will help you earn their loyalty because customers only become brand advocates when they get value against their money. Remember, word-of-mouth promotion will allow you to improve your bottom line without increasing the budget. 

So take measures to gain customer loyalty. One important measure is to use the power of custom soapboxes. Let’s see how you can do that.      

Ensure Packaging is Exquisite & Eye-Catching

If your custom printed soap boxes have to compete against established brands, it is crucial they must look great and stand apart. But this doesn’t mean at all that you should tint it with bold colors. To seek inspiration, study competing products in the market. This will help you differentiate your packaging from the rest. This might mean embracing an unusual packaging shape. Because an unconventional shape, color or layout can put your product in a league of its own.

Sure, there is room to get creative but your design must be industry appropriate. Meaning, it should avoid creating confusion at all times. This is especially true for beauty and skincare products as people might mistake your soaps for something else. It’s best to use a packaging design that resounds with your target audience.    

Think of Essential Functional Requirements

Determine any functional requirements that you deem essential. Because it won’t be possible to turn the wheels around once you end up picking the patterns and typography. At this juncture, you should answer the following questions:

·         Does your package need to convey an important message or information regarding the product?
·         Is your packaging sturdy enough to protect the product?
·         Does your product need ventilation?
·         Should you prevent the product from coming into contact with direct light?
·         Do you need a resealable packaging or the one that can be discarded upon opening?
·         How you are planning to ship or transport your product?
Answers to these questions will help you develop a better packaging solution, one that will meet your customers’ expectations head on.

How Exactly You Want to Print Your Packaging?

Don’t get carried away with your flashy final design, yet. Get in touch with an established packaging company like The Legacy Printing to explain to them how exactly you want to print your packaging and what you are hoping to achieve with it. This will help clear the air because sometimes it isn’t possible to print a design on certain materials or your design and material choices could greatly increase the cost.

To avoid confusion, ask your packaging partner to provide die lines that the graphic designer can use as a guideline when crafting your custom soap box. Printing can make a hell of a difference in the final stages, so don’t hesitate to talk to your trusted packaging company before finalizing a design.    

Comprehend Your Future Packaging Needs

While you might introduce only one product in the beginning, there is a possibility you may end up expanding your product lineup in the future, it’s worthwhile to tell your designer to bear this in mind at the outset. And when you will be ready to launch a brand new version of your soap, it will be easier to adopt the new lines according to the novel product. 

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