21st Century- The Era of Fantasy Games

Would fantasy games take over the Indian sports industry?Live fantasy games culture is gaining popularity in India. Every industry needs constant innovation to prosper, then why should the sports industry lack behind.Fantasy games are skill-driven and require expertise and knowledge of the sport. Live fantasy is the recent trend in the world of fantasy game where users can play virtually with an imaginative team during live matches. It provides extraordinary excitement and experience compared to normal fantasy games.

Moreover, you are allowed to construct your strategies and formulate a team during the actual match. Your scores are computed based upon how the players perform in a live match.Unlike fantasy games, in live fantasy games there is no such requirement to make your team in advance and freeze it. You can analyse the match and plan your game accordingly like in reality. It includes famous sports like cricket, football, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball and kabaddi.It is attracting people towards it because it makes the sport alive. The number of users of such games is rapidly expanding. These games are played online and hence require good internet connection.

There are various mobile applications and websites for playing these games. You need to download any of these apps and register on that or register yourself online on available websites that are safe and legal. After that you are ready to start. Following is the procedure for playing these games.

Choosing the match: You have multiple options for matches to choose from. Opt for the one you feel is interesting.

Creating a team: The essential part is to make an excellent team. Only the efficient team would make you win. Make effective strategies to win. Your success depends on how you choose the team members, captain and the vice-captain of your team. It is a very critical decision as selecting inappropriate players may lead to failure as a match could slip out of your hands. So, it is important to make a wise decision.

Paid Contests: After forming the time it’s time to decide about what contest to select. The contest page will open where you can choose a cash contest according to your budget. It involves the risk of losing money if you don’t win the contests.

Free contests: You can learn and polish your skills by playing practice contests. Practice matters a lot if you want to achieve something big. In cash contests, you have to put money at stake but in practice contest you can play without putting anything at stake. Therefore, it involves no risk and you can play as many matches as you can without the fear of monetary loss.

Following the match: You can check your progress in the match by looking at your scores and rank on the leaderboard or scoreboard time to time which is updated every 2 to 3 minutes. You can make new strategies, exchange your players and a form new plan to win the match.

Online fantasy cricket league is trending nowadays. People of India consider cricket not just a sport but a religion. They worship cricket. Indian cricket players fan following is not less than that of an actor.People like playing fantasy cricket where they can form an imaginative team virtually with real cricket players. A team of 15 players is to be formed which includes 3 extra players. These players are chosen from the team of real players who are part of the lie match. Some contests have rules like the pre-determined pattern for choosing the types of players like how many batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders would be required to form a team while some don’t pose any restrictions on the pattern of players. You are free to choose any type of player. Also, the captain and the vice-captain are to be wisely chosen.

Users also have the option to choose from international form, twenty-20 form, and test cricket form. There is a restriction of limited-overs in one-day international form and twenty-20 form. The user can select the format they are interested in and enjoy the game. To win you have to score a maximum point. It should exceed your opponent's scores with a high margin. The user gets points for the performance of real players playing the match which includes the number of runs, wickets, and catches in the real match. Fantasy games enhance your skills like focus, decision-making, etc. as you manage the whole match and even let you win real cash rewards. If you don’t get to play outdoor sports but want to refresh your mind then you can play daily fantasy cricket on these apps, enjoy being at home and win cash daily. Daily gaming has become the norm in youths. Cricket is a passion for Indians hence they find fantasy cricket fascinating and enthralling.

People prefer these games as they find them electrifying and exciting. These games let you take control in your hand and experience the real action. Just staying at home and watching live matches could be monotonous as you feel helpless when the match doesn’t meet your expectations. These games are fascinating, engrossing, and fun-filled. You don’t need to step out of your house as you can enjoy games at your comfort at any time. It allows every sports fan to be the coach or manager of their teams. It keeps you engaged and gives you pleasure. What it takes is the right strategy to win the game. It offers intense competition and the thrill of winning. There is a sense of both reality and fantasy. The population belonging to the age group of 25-35 constitutes around 70% of the players playing these games. You can unite with your friends and socialize through these games as it builds fan communities. You can test your skills against players from worldwide as it allows you to utilize your expertise and competency skills while playing with users of different countries. The monetary reward or cash prize you win through these games is lawful in India.

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