The Perfect Wedding Checklist

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Have you said ”yes” to your boyfriend, and now the two of you are dreaming about a beautiful wedding?

If so, then the next 12 months are likely to be a rollercoaster ride. You can expect all kinds of emotions – joy, nerves, happiness, anxiety, doubt, humor, disappointment, and probably some stress. One way to focus on the positive is to avoid the last-minute rush by planning your wedding well in advance so that everything goes smoothly. 

Here is a brief timetable to help you organize the perfect day. 

One Year Ahead

· Prepare a guest list

In addition to family, you’ll want to think about all your friends from school, college, work, and the neighborhood. As much as you’d like them all to come, consider your budget and the size of your venue. You may find that you'll have to trim the list.  

· Fix your budget

Begin your budget planning by determining who is going to pay for what. If you and your partner are splitting the expense, then decide in what ratio.

Carry out some basic research about wedding costs and start saving accordingly. There are apps that can help you limit your monthly expenses in preparation for wedding expenses, most of which will require advance payment or deposits. Prepare a checklist of all these major expenses so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.

· Select a venue and caterer

Selecting your venue can be a daunting task. Often, couples are uncertain about the place they want for their wedding. In this case, it’s best to consider three aspects — location, budget, and guests. 
If the location is too distant, then it is a hassle for everyone to reach it. Choose a venue that can accommodate the number of guests you are likely to invite. If the ceremony and the reception are in two different locations, then make sure the guests will be able to get from one to the other conveniently. 

Get in touch with highly recommended caterers to set a perfect menu for the wedding dinner. Don’t hesitate to be creative!

  • Engage a wedding planner 
If you don’t want to manage the many details of your wedding personally, hire a wedding planner with the connections and planning tools to bring everything together for you. If you are planning a wedding with a large budget or many attendees, then a wedding planner may be a good option. 

  • Book a honeymoon
If you want the best choice of availability for accommodations, book your stay a year or more in advance when airline tickets are likely to be less expensive as well. 

8 Months before the Wedding

· Design and order invitations

Your wedding invitation should reflect you – your style, your tastes, and your wedding theme. There are many choices, and many companies that specialize in beautiful invitation designs. 

The biggest mistake couples make with wedding invitations is waiting too long to order them, so it’s never too early to get started. If you want something completely distinctive, work with a graphic designer to create something unique, although this is often a more expensive option. 

· Select a wedding dress

Your wedding dress is the visual centerpiece of the ceremony. Find the perfect one and avoid rush fees for fittings by shopping early. Also, when you’ve chosen your dress well in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to coordinate what the bridesmaids and the groom’s party will wear. 

· Order rentals

Get in touch with florists, musicians, wedding cake artists, and others to explain what you want, review samples, and get pricing. Check the seating arrangements and the amount of open space available at the venue.
If your family and friends are traveling from another city, let them know when to book their flights. Make a group reservation at a local hotel so that guests who want to stay there can get the group discount.  

Book a venue for your rehearsal dinner and finalize your theme. 

4 Months before the Wedding

· Choose your cake

Skim through images of beautiful wedding cakes until you find a design you love. Then discuss your choice with a local baker. Go for a tasting to determine which cake flavors you prefer, and make sure your baker is available to deliver your cake to your venue on your wedding day. 

· Purchase wedding bands

Choosing a wedding band can be daunting, as in the beginning, they all look great. But remember, there is a difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band.

While your engagement ring may be all about the bling, your wedding band should be a strong, long-lasting, beautiful reminder of the steady commitment you are making to each other. You can have a beautiful ring that reflects your relationship without spending a fortune. If this sounds like a fit for you, then tungsten rings are an excellent option. 

· Make-up and hair trial

Look for hairstyles and make-up to show to your stylist. This will give them a clear idea about your expectations, and they can work accordingly. Search for images based on the style of your wedding gown.

An image is important because it puts you and your stylist on the same page. That avoids any confusion and last-minute disappointments or compromises.

2 Months to Go

· Send wedding and rehearsal dinner invitations

At this point, all invites must be sent so that your guests can arrange to fit your wedding into their calendars, giving them time to move other commitments aside. Make sure that you provide correct addresses to guests for the wedding, and to the wedding party for the rehearsal dinner.

The design and décor for the ceremony and the rehearsal dinner should follow the wedding theme you have selected.

· Get your marriage license

Every state has different norms for getting a marriage license. Remember to check the procedure online and get all the necessary paperwork done according to the timing required in your state. Marriage licenses can expire, so don’t get yours too early. (In Arizona, a marriage license stays in effect for a year; but in South Dakota, it’s good for only 20 days.)

· Dress fitting

Since you have purchased your dress well in advance, the store will be holding it for your fittings. You can expect two or three fittings before it is perfect, so plan these with plenty of time to spare before your big day. 

· Wedding party gifts

Apart from all the fun, you also want your bridesmaids to remember this wonderful time together, and to thank them for their help. There’s nothing better than a thoughtful gift from the bride to the bridesmaids and from the groom to the groomsmen. Select gifts that remind them of you. 


When you plan everything in advance, you don’t have to stress in the last few weeks before your wedding. Check on the vendors and the pending tasks to make sure everything is in order and remember to stay calm. That’s the best way to cherish every moment of your wedding day. 

Finally, be kind to your body. In the days before your wedding, eat healthy, drink lots of water, and get plenty of sleep. You have a lot of celebrating ahead of you!

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