8 Clever Hidden Storage Ideas for Your Home

8 Clever Hidden Storage Ideas for Your Home

Are you struggling to find the right storage? Are you lacking organization? Then definitely you need some extra storage solutions. 
Whether you want to make out of your compact space or desire to keep your possessions hidden from uninvited guests, some tried storage ideas can help you meet your requirements. A little more extra storage can help you go a long way in keeping your home organized. Bur surprisingly for this you need not to invest in bulky storage systems. Rather just need to explore some hidden space. Interested to know more? 
Then let’s read below: 

1. Create a Closet under the Stairs
The understairs space is the best spot for concealed storage. Often this area is left unused. To turn into useful, carve out storage cabinets or closet underneath it. This storage idea excels in both the practicality and appeal.

2. Hide cupboards behind shelves
 Why cry for storage when you have a solution in right under your cupboards? This fun trick combines cabinets with hidden cupboards. This two in one solution is best to store your not-so-often used things such as extra crockery, draperies, or any other essential thing. 

3. Blend a screen with storage:
 This is trick is useful for individuals who have opted for room separation using a carpentry unit. Instead of leaving the unit plain and simple, carve out storage shelves in it. This storage cum screen with sliding doors provides you ample hidden storage for books and other items.

4. Introduce an element of surprise: 
 This amusing idea hides secret storage behind a painting. This can also be tried with a tv showcase. The wall behind your showcase opens up recessed shelves which can be used for storing your belongings that you want to keep hidden from everyone.

5. Hang Keys behind a Picture Frame:
If you want to keep your center table or other surfaces de-cluttered, go for this idea. This DIY trick is easy to execute. Simply fix some eyelet hooks into the wall. Then find a picture frame with hollowed back and add hinges. Now, your secret frame is ready to hang your keys. 

6. Utilize low areas
 Get ready to be shocked again! If you have any raised area with some left out space below, use it as for hidden storage. You will be surprised how much storage you can find there. The platform at the end of the staircase serves a perfect raised area to be used for storage. 

Similarly, there are tons of ideas that you can inspire you to include hidden storage. If you don’t have dedicated office space, use your armoire for the purpose. You will find storage for everything including your study table with chair. Use hooks for hanging baskets, rolling shelf for placing your laptop, and doors for holding essential notes. And when done with your work, simply fold-up your chair and close your armoire. 
It’s that easy!!

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