Can People Around The World Buy Nicotine E-Liquid From NZ Online Vape Store -Is It Safe & Legal?


Ever since the e-cigarettes were introduced, the usage of nicotine E-liquid has exploded around the world. Fortunately, vaping and its products are now more popular than ever in NZ online vape stores. Recent estimates show that about 43 million people are fond of vape. That’s an incredible number of people who find vaping as an ideal alternative rather than filling their lungs with tar or subjecting to second-hand smoke. However, despite the benefits that vaping has had compared to other means, though, some of the world’s governments have developed a negative mindset toward it.

The laws and regulations covering vaping around the world are not consistent. When it comes to seeing the government’s legal action toward vaping e-liquid, some countries like the USA, Australia, and Russia have both national and state/regional laws. However, vaping in these developed countries is not completely banned. You can find vape shops in these countries, its just that vaping is legal in certain states. The one thing to vaping that you won’t find in these countries is e-liquid with nicotine. Nicotine e-liquid of any flavor is illegal to buy in many countries, but you’re allowed to import it directly from New Zealand online vape stores.

In this post, we feel proud to provide a solution that allows you to buy e-liquid flavors from NZ – and it’s easy that it's almost like buying from a domestic vendor with no hassle.

Why You Can’t Buy Nicotine E-Liquid Flavors In Your Country?

The reason why nicotine isn’t available in your country’s vape shops or online stores is that the country narcotics law classifies liquid nicotine as a controlled substance. In such a country, vaping is not banned, but the use of e-liquids that contain nicotine is illegal as it is characterized under Schedule 7 prison, just like arsenic. That means neither you’re allowed to buy or sell it without a doctor’s prescription. And even if you do have a doctor’s prescription nicotine e-liquid still isn’t that easy to buy in restricted countries.

Despite Restrictions, Countries Law Allow You To Import Nicotine E-liquid From NZ

The main reason that you are allowed to ship nicotine e-liquid flavors from New Zealand to the USA, Australia, or Russia is simply that the narcotics law of these countries permits to import a supply of nicotine vape juice but in a limited amount. That’s only because vaping includes certain therapeutic qualities that are beneficial for the medical industry. The country’s government identifies that certain properties on the controlled substances list have therapeutic uses and allows you to import those items only with the doctor’s recommendations since you can’t them in your own country due to the restriction imposed on nicotine e-liquid use.

Process to Import Nicotine E-Liquid From NZ With The Countries Importation Scheme

To import your favorite nicotine e-liquid flavor from New Zealand online vape store or from any other country where the use of nicotine e-liquid is legal- you need to comply with a few easy-to-go requirements.

·         You should have a doctor’s prescription in hand when picking up the shipment of your ordered nicotine e-liquid flavors.

·         There’s a limit to import e-liquid from NZ. In many countries, their vaping laws do not allow people from importing bulk vape juice and resale it. However, such law doesn’t specify any accurate amount of nicotine to use in a month, so you can buy the amount you use as long as you don’t get caught for buying in bulk for resale purposes.

Buying nicotine e-liquid from NZ online Vape stores is fast and legal

Hopefully, it is expected that one day, every country's governments will adopt a more positive attitude toward vaping and allow its users to buy nicotine e-liquid from anywhere with no stress and hassle. However, the best part is with the NZ vape stores you will get your e-liquid as quickly as if you had purchased it from your nearby store.

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